This is my hobby and side projects page. See also my professional portfolio.

To be completed…

Making Tetris (2014-present)

Early Tetris prototype for the Elektronika-60 computer, running in the SimH emulator.
Early Tetris prototype for the IBM-PC, running in a modern emulator.

I am working on a web-based digital humanities / media archaeology project tentatively titled “Making Tetris,” which will be comprised of:

  • My research into the unofficial development history and design evolution of Tetris;
  • A curated, “haunted graveyard” of over 1,000 unauthorized PC clones of Tetris, playable in modern computer emulators;
  • An introductory “Code your own Tetris” tutorial using a block-based programming environment to make customizable Tetris-like variations; and
  • a syllabus and lesson plan for a college-level interdisciplinary digital media course in which students will design and build their own Tetris-like games using conventional game development tools.

Hobby game projects

  • TetromiNET (2009, Java applet / ANSI terminal frontend, Java server backend)
  • Pelter (2008, Java applet)
  • 3d SnakeJump (2003, C++/OpenGL)
  • SnakeJump (~2002, Java applet - later flash port by Eric Jordan)

Romhacking (1998-2001)

Under the alias “necrosaro” I worked on a variety of ROM hacking and fan translation projects, which were some of my earliest open-source technical productions.

See also my more recent academic writing for a more theoretical perspective on this community: “From Rule-Breaking to ROM-Hacking: Theorizing the Computer Game-as-Commodity.” Situated Play, Proceedings of DiGRA 2007 Conference.